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About Our Organization

We will not stop, we will never give up, we will continue to Educate, Renovate, and Rehabilitate.

Pet Haven Rescue is committed to help abolish the suffering, neglect, and overpopulation of animals. It is our strong belief that quality of animal care should come before quantity. We are advocates against hoarders and irresponsible rescue practices that cause more stress and anguish to these delicate creatures. Our cage-free concept reduces stress and cage rage in shelter settings, making them more adoptable. We will continue converting one shelter at a time!

Additionally, we stand against puppy mills and make it a priority to stay engaged in laws and legislation that actively help change the lives of animals everywhere!


 Lona Knight 

Lona Knight and Chelsie Cromwell are two cousins who have grown up in Florida, spending most of our time outdoors with the animals. We agreed to take over Pet Haven Rescue in February of 2022, striving to continue the great service it has provided to communities for over 13 years. Both women have spent their lives rescuing and rehabilitating animals, a passion that is now shared by their children and families. Lona has worked in rescue across the state of Florida for over 20 years and has been a CVT since 2003. She currently runs a grooming, pet sitting, and animal transporting business. Chelsie has spent over 20 years rescuing, rehabilitating, and transporting animals. Together it is our goal to advocate, rehabilitate, and help save the lives of as many animals as possible.


Chelsie Cromwell

Dog in the Parkl
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